How can I show a girl I love her under these circumstances?


I will make this short,

I have met a wonderful girl that likes me but I like her more the problem is every now and then she wants to be just friends. She says that "All you have said was that you love me, but there is no proof of this, in words many people love me" Now before you say go on a date buy her flower etc. I want you to know that she is leaving in 5 days to another country we have only met twice and that was in public company, she wants me to prove her to win her heart and how do I do that if I cannot get in contact with her physically? I thought about writing a long letter about how I feel but that's all I know.

Any tips and help would be appreciated on how I can show her that my feelings are real.


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  • write the letter. post it with a pic of you two, or just you wrapped in the middle. she'll treasure it for ever

  • Be good friends with her first understand her. Support her through thick n thin. Be there when she needs you coz that's the way to prove ur love n writing a letter would just be an explanation n not a proof of ur love in my view. Good luck :)


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