A Boy friend to a Real Boyfriend?

So this guy is a friend of mine and we really hang out a lot with friends at the same time.. 2 months ago we did something more than friends will ever do. We kiss, hug and hold each other hands when its just the two of us. just this week it has been announced to our team that we are actually dating. i asked him if who is he courting and he said "you." i got shocked. he said he likes me more than a friend. i know i like him but i am afraid that if i choose to take our relationship to the next level, we will loose the friendship that we have.. any suggestions, guys and gals?


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  • "I don't want to lose the friendship! So it's totally more logical to date a total stranger than to be with someone I actually spent prior, quality time with!"

    • In case you didn't notice, that's you.

      As in, that's me.

      Channeling you. Talking through your logic.

      I'm making fun of your poor logic.

    • i thought about that believe me but i guess we'll just see how it goes.. i can't turn him down because i really like him

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  • you should be able to have friendship and relationship at the same time.

  • Obviously you won't! Perhaps your bond gets strengthened even more! Go for it!


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