How to deal with homecoming problem?

okay so 2 weeks ago one of my good friends started dating this really nice guy. well actually this guys best friend is the guy I've been crushing on for about 4 weeks now. we have a homecoming dance at our school in 2 weeks and i really want this guy to ask me. but, my friend took it upon herself and she asked her boyfriend to ask his best friend to see what he thinks of me. i was a little pissed off that she did that. but, she told me that her boyfriend said that he will "make it happen". i dont know what to do now or who to believe? should i go talk to him more or stay on the down low? i have noticed that he looks at me more and when he talks to his friends they kinda all smile and look at me too. HELP


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  • I think it's a tough call. I think it depends on how well you trust your friend? If it was me I would try to give it more time and if still no response from the crush then I would go and talk myself.I think try and be patient as long as you can.I know time is flying fast. But if it gets closer to home coming and still nothing then I wouldn't see no problem in you talking to him yourself.You are right your friend shouldn't had said anything because now it puts you in a tough spot and you have to wait and see what happens now.


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