Why am I not good enough for him?

Ok so me and my housemate get along really well and we have been sleeping together since February.We where spending a lot of time together at one point and acting all coupley.Things have slowed down a bit but we are still sleeping together, he told me he doesn't have feelings for me that way..there is another girl he has been seeing and he spends a lot of time together.i found out that he introduced her to his mum and dad.he told me that he doesn't want a relationship with her..if he doesn't want to be with her then why did he introduce her to the parents and not me? he tells me I'm pretty, sexy and have a good personality.why do guys never want to take things further with me.i am inlove with him and it hurts so much being in this situation and knowing he wants to spend all his time with her and not me as much anymore.why does he spend less time with me now?


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  • From what you've presented here, it appears that you're the side girl and she's the girl he's pursuing. It really is a dangerous game to casually sleep with someone. It starts off fun, easy and harmless, then someone gets attached and the other person isn't. The other hard part with that is. . . had you NOT slept with him casually, he may have considered you datable, you'll never know now. So, he gets his physical needs met by you, while he courts her. She didn't meet the folks for no reason. . . he's told you he's romantically interested in another woman. I think you've hit the end of the road here, time to quit sleeping with him and start meeting other people.

    • The thing is , is that this other girl was doing the same thing as me.just giving him sex all the time.it all started out with her being part of threesomes with his ex girlfriend and him, and they just continued to sleep together.she was his exes friend and she also had a baby with someone else..I did not plan to fall for him, it was just physical for me when we first started sleeping together and I just slowly fell for him.he did at several stages tell me that if he wasn't so stressed out he would have fallen for me and he would have been the one chasing me because I'm the perfect catch.

    • K. . . so not only are you giving way your cookies for free, you're giving them to a man whose also getting cookies from another chick? I think you need to quit sleeping with him so your emotions can take a chill pill and you can access this situation with a more rational point of view. This guy doesn't sound like any great catch. . he sounds like a young who is enjoying sleeping around and doesn't plan on comitting anytime soon.

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  • U r his fuck buddy. Question now is will u still allow him to hv sex with u? would u be happy with only the physical pleasure he gives to u in sex?
    If not move on and find another guys


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  • I'm sorry but I think he only sees you as his fuck buddy. If you wanted a serious relationship with him you shouldn't have given him sex without compromise :(

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