Mixed signals from an old guy friend?

Well so there's this guy and we were the best friends anyone could ask for I mean we were super close. ( I had feelings for him the whole time) anyways he started to like me , and we tried a relationship but it didn't work out.
Well now be constantly stares / glances at me so much that everybody notices. it's to the point now where I don't even look at him and ALL of my friends tell me the he's looking over at me / glancing at me. Of course When I look over there he is staring again and of course he looks away right as I look at him.
He's back now with an ex girlfriend he dated for three years previously , but the constant stares still continue.

But here's the thing I have tried texting him / talking to him and reaching out and sometimes he will act nervous and his face will get red ( our mutual friend even said he looks nervous as **** when your around ) and other times he's cold and distant and will stop texting after a few texts and these literally switch from day to day

I don't go out of my way to look at him I catch him staring he never catches me.
Help haha


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  • Based on your description it definitely seems like he likes you. Do you like him? I act the same exact way around the girl i like. What signs does he give you to make you doubt that he likes you?

    • Thanks and yes I do

    • Lol, commenting only 20 days later :P hahah

      Well good luck, hope things work out

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