We need to DTR. But how? Please help?

I have liked this guy since last year. Yesterday he and I texted and I asked him if he liked this girl who he has been friends for 4 5 ish years. He told me that he was torn. And I asked if he was torn between. Two girls and if I could ask their names. He said u probably know one and I said the girls name and he said mhm. Wanna guess the other? I asked him if she goes to our school and if I am close with her and he said yes and lemme think. R u close with yourself? I told him honestly that I liked him and later asked if he was leaning towards a person. He said honestly that it is me. But the problem is that we are going to different school soon and tht girl goes to the same school as him next year and I think she likes him. What should I do? He didn't ask me out. And I Dont want us to be awkward... any advice would help thank you


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  • Well, though he has two choices , he will more likely to be attracted towards the girl he will be in after some time. And of course , when you are asking him , to whom are his feelings tilted towards between you and other girl, he would not say the name of other girl.. so you must understand.. :)
    If you want to give it a try , you can.. but he must ask you, because he is the one having likeness towards two girls and not you..
    If you commit and he does not , must be bad for you

    • So all I could do Is wait?

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    • Okay thank you!

    • You are welcome, I hope i helped some what

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