Is my girlfriend not that into me or just shy?

Alright so here is the deal, me and my girlfriend have been dating for around five months and I am pretty happy. She is a wonderful girl, however at times it doesn't seem she is into me at all. Well her words say she does, but her actions don't when we are together. I guess she isn't into all the corny stuff. But she could also be shy about that kind of stuff (Public displays of affection) so what does this mean?


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  • I don't really like PDA either, but I would show my affection behind closed doors. If she isn't showing you any affection that could mean that something is bothering her. Talk to her because if you guys have been together for five months, she shouldn't be shy with you anymore.

  • Well, if she's not that into you she just might not think you're attractive (aww). OR she's just uncomfortable touching you because it might be taking the relationship too fast. I know you two have been dating for five months, but that might be the case.
    If she's shy then she might be uncomfortable touching you in public places.

    I think ultimately it's a part of her personality, but you could try talking to her about it. Good luck :3


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