What is a shy guy like? How do you know a guy is shy?

Lol everyone always asks how to figure out a shy guy likes them, but like how do you know if a guy is shy?


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  • A guy being shy and a guy being quiet are two very different things. Now shy is like what I am. Shy guys won't talk much, and we usually won't start conversations- but we'll try to make it interesting when we do. We'll try to be funny, to be (although we won't put it this way,) cute- We'll frequently either blush/look away or when we do look at her sort of smile with our hands over our faces- if a guy runs his hands through his hair thats a HUGE sign. I do that so much that sometimes my hair falls over the back of my jacket!!
    The reason why shy guys try to show flattering emotion/body language is to avoid coming across as boring, which is what we all hate to be judged as.
    Shyness, as it is for me, is often a very light layer around very vivid personality. All guys love to be flirted with, to feel strong and manly, to feel loved. So don't worry!


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  • Well he definitely won't talk much lol.

    -He will glance at the girl he fancies a lot.
    -He probably won't ever start a conversation
    -He definitely won't talk with girls
    -He will act shy (eg nervous movements around a cute girl or the girl he likes)
    -He will probably be a little socially awkward but you will probably find it adorable if you like him.

  • Well there is the shy guy who is someone who is afraid of confronting and interacting with other people or is at least uncomfortable with the idea. Then there is the reserved guy me who is reserved and quite by choice.

  • Everything you need to know right here


    • That is a shy guy. Someone else shared this link with me, if I could remember his name I'd give him credit

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