Can a guy still have a crush but be dating someone else?

Can a guy be dating a girl but still miss the girl he had a crush on but she acted disinterested?

He keeps looking at me, especially when I'm with other guys,
though he's with her. She was sitting beside him and he looked over at me and quickly looked away. I thought we were friends but since he's been dating a girl he doesn't talk to me anymore --- if he didn't have feelings for me wouldn't our friendship have remained intact?

I really liked him as well but gave him a disinterested vibe because I didn't feel good enough for him. Is it fair or right to tell a guy he had a chance if he's already moved on..but still looks at you?


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  • Guys are only friends with girls for a couple different reasons.

    They want to date them
    They want to fuck them
    They genuinely enjoy your company/conversation

    You're not friends anymore, so your company/converation wasn't that special to him. He has no interest at all in being just your friend.

    If you tell him now there are only three possible outcomes.

    1) He turns you down like you did to him for revenge.
    2) You break up his relationship, and end up with a guy who will leave you when something better comes along
    3) you become his mistress and have a secret affair.

    Do you want any of those? If you do, tell him, if you don't, keep your mouth shut.


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  • Of course, every guy has a plan B.

    Your friendship definitely would not remain in tact if he didn't have feelings for you. there's no male and female friends without ulterior motives usually on the part of the male.

    Guys do not want to hang around a girl with her boyfriend there if they like her and they don't want to be around a girl they like with their girlfriend there either.

    He still likes you, you should go for him, your his plan A and plan B gets scrapped the moment plan A becomes a possibility again.

  • Yes of course... Coz to avoid loneliness..


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