Girl help pls~ year 12 male love drama ~ first girl I have ever fancy'd, other girls at my school are plain?

Last year of school, Year 12, and i have found myself obsessed with this 1 girl. Basically one of my best friends which is female introduced me, she has never dated anyone and has some what heavy "religious morals". I swear this girl was out of my league, but i did gamble my luck and ask her to formal in person at school, she said yes = mind blown.

So it turns out other guys are also interested in this girl, they happen to be friends with me and know me, they also happen to be on my formal table and party bus, kinda awkward when they are all around her... i can move past the tension and i am not the jealous type but it does "ruffle my jimmies"

The formal after party is kinda a big deal, i am not sure to ask her out or go on a date...
(i did try the "date" idea on Easter break but she said her week was packed and kinda suggested we can do it another time, this was over facebook)
My best friend mentioned before she never has spoken about guys nor is open about her interest in them, very private and shy, but i have found out she "kinda likes me", most likely unsure...i have never really liked a girl like this before nor put myself out there, this is a huge leap from my normal comfort and i would rather not be embarrassed. everyone of my friends and her friends also happens to know about this "thing" and the pressure is on. I have 0 classes with her and speak to her casually whenever i happen to bump into each other. this girl would be a solid 8.5/10 fellow bro's and i love everything about her. we have small crazy similarities, i have taken lots of interest in her books and also have met the parents/siblings.


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  • What's your question exactly?

    You manned up and asked her out, which was the right thing to do. Now roll with it.