Risk it to get the biscuit? help me please?

i am sure this "girl" is aware i like her, but unsure if it is a mutual feeling.1-1 is very smooth but since all my mates know about this "tension" they make it very awkward. She is my formal partner and was stoked when i asked her in person with the support of my "wing women" (one of her best friends). I am contemplating asking her out on a date at the formal after party, next weekend, i am unsure if i should. She has never been in a relationship, I've been told from female friends that she "does not want a boyfriend, but kinda likes you (me)"

I will kick myself if i never make a move on this girl. but i am really afraid of taking the leap, with this social status bullshit at school.furthermore other guys i know also like this girl and she is out of my league. what should i do? how? unsure how i will handle rejection if so, first time falling.


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  • Are you one of those people who misuse air quotes? I digress, ask her out. If you get rejected, oh well, it's going to happen to everyone sooner or later anyway.

  • Rejection is a part of life; go ask her out and you never know she might say yes


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