Would you be put off dating a guy who had no friends his own age?

I am 22 but my friends range in age from 31-91 lol, apart from the few guys I went to uni with who are all my own age but I only see them infrequently.

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Could you give advice as to why/why not? You can be brutal if you want to!


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  • No that's not even a worry in my mind. Friends are friends no matter what age. I'd just be glad you had some guys/girls to hang around with!

  • I would have absolutely no problem with that :D

  • I don't think it would be a bother. I actually get along with and talk to people older than myself. I guess it was how I was raised though. I was raised around more so older people than people of my age. So I feel.. more comfortable talking to them? I guess.


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