Would you think of this is a date?

I wet to a professionals networking group ( I wasn't in the same profession so therefore wasn't networking, more just socializing!). Anyway, I met a guy I really liked. I have kept I contact by text and online via Facebook chat. We have met twice in 3 months at this social/networking group. I asked him before about meeting up and he said yeah but things were a bit hectic etc. So I left it. Yesterday I text him ad asked him if he wanted to meet up for a drink. He text back and said yes and that we could meet next week. I asked when he was freee and he gave me a date, I said I was free on that date so he said he would see me then. I asked about where we were meeting and he said we could arrange it on the day.

He is a sociable guy but do you think as a guy he will be thinking of this as a date or literally just two people meeting for a drink and a chat. I mean we have oly ever met twice in a group setting so never spoken face to face alone before.

What do guys think about these situations? Would theythink that it was a date, or would they be thiking that they would see how it went and it could potentially progress into a romance or would they not think that the girl liked them at all and that they were just two frieds meeting for a drink?


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  • Yes. I would think of it as a date and there could be potential romance. If there wasn't any potential romance involved I don't think he would have set up a date and agreed to it with just the two of you. You should know by the end of the date where you two stand. I'm sure if he's socialable he will tell you if he's interested. In my experience depending on the relationship you're looking for it will take a few dates to see where the relationship is heading. Hope it goes great.

    • Well, when we first chatted on the phone we chatted really well (this was April time), the we have met twice in a gorup settig but not really spoken to each other much. I do worry though that it has always been me to initiate conversation on Facebook caht etc. Surely if he was interested he'd have asked me out etc. So are you sure he doesn't just see it as a friends thing? Also, what should I do about making arrangements? Wait for him to text or should I ask him the day before?

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  • It sounds like a date to me. I recently had an issue with a very gentlemanly guy where we kept going out, but I never REALLY was certain if it was dating or just cultural (he kisses for cultural reasons and I just never knew!). But in the end, yep, we were dating and now we are absolutely crazy for each other. So just take it as it goes and don't worry too much about what you call it (I know that's really hard to do). But yes, it DOES sound like a date and if he's a sensitive guy and has a different view of things, he'll find a subtle way to let you know. (Like, "Yeah, my girlfriend would love this place!" or "Wow, it's nice to find a great friend like you!") So, take it easy and see how it goes. If you're lucky, he'll have a good time and set up another (unambiguous) date with you. Good luck!

    • Thanks, does it matter that it is me that has set it up? Also, he said we can sort out when and where we are meeting on the day. So I have no idea about place or time yet.

    • I don't think it matters at all. (My sister asked her husband out first.) And you may already know this, but just in case: be prepared to pay for both of you, since you were the one who asked. Depending on the guy, he may fight you about it, and if he's persistent, you could let him, but I'd initially insit on it. (And if you like him, you can tell him he can do it "next time.") Guys as a rule hate it when women ask them out and then expect the guy to pay. (It's just not fair.)

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