Do you think this relationship will work? this guy and I dated before, when we were younger. I broke up with the boyfriend I had at the time, and then this guy asked me out Christmas morning, which was days later. We were young and stupid. I told him if we were together for over 3 months, I'd marry him. (Ah, 11 year old love. Haha!) As far as I can remember, we didn't really fight. We were together about 3 months and started fighting...badly. He then broke up with me and started dating my best friend hours later. Two days later, I started dating someone else. Everyone accused me of cheating on them with each other. (At my school, this happened to be common with 11 year olds... .-.) ..and, you guessed it, we started dating less than a month later. We fought a lot. We caused each other to do things we regret... ..and now, we're 14, and we're talking again. He says he's had a little feelings for me ever since he broke up with me. He called me names and bullied me slightly between our break up and now. It took us 2-3 years to even start talking as friends... Then, just the other day, he told me that he likes me. ..and we flirt and are happy... I'm just scared that it's not gonna work out. I mean, we're older and wiser..but would it really work out? He says he put the past behind him, but I'll never forget anything... He says he really wants to try again, but I'm unsure. I'm just afraid to get hurt. What are your thoughts? Thanks!


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  • Honey...I really hate to say this...but In NO WAY will it workout..YOU ARE 14...and that's ok, it's not supposed to workout now..The likelihood of any couple staying together for the rest of their lives is beyond rational thinking...I know this for a fact because I was 14 MANY years ago...and my youngest daughter is 14 now...nothing has changed...guys are still a-holes and girls still drama queens... However that doesn't mean don't follow your heart...just be prepared to have it broken at least 50 times or more before you graduated college and hopefully find the person you will Absolutely, Positively Without a Doubt KNOW that you want to spend the rest of eternity only took me 28 years after I took my girlfriend to prom in 1985 finally reconnect with her and ask her to marry me...time DOES work everything out if you learn even a little bit from each break up...I was I could tell you that relationships were easy...but they hurt like hell...Just be prepared to walk away when it matter who is the one that wants it over...T


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  • Am I the only person who finds all the drama a child faces before they can even drive?
    I think you should focus on books and improving yourself. Boys (and lots) will definitely come later, when they are more mature.
    Boy do I sound old...


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