A Genuine Male Interested in Two Opposite Beautiful Females. HELP!!!?

From this year at college, you get to experience many new experiences. Unfortunately and fortunately I came across two beautiful girls that are complete opposites.
The first girl is an extravert with an amazing personality; but, comes off very "bitchy" once you first meet her. This girl I can see dating, but I could not see introducing her to my parents, since my parents are strong christians, with the way she can just say anything that comes to mind. Although this may seem like a clear cut belief that she is not meant for me, she makes me feel very special and whenever we are together I never want to leave.
The second girl is an introvert and also has an amazing personality. She is a girl I can myself having a long relationship with, but I have a hard time reading her. She is beautiful, but it's hard for myself to read her and what she is thinking. Whenever we are together we seem to have a deeper connection and she truly meets the traits I would want in a girlfriend.
Although this is an obvious conclusion that I believe I should go with the second girl, I do not know how to go about it. Although she has the traits I'm looking for, it makes me nervous how hard she is to read.
So my question would be: Should I go for the second girl? If so, how to address the ability to read her?


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  • Mystery is fun! But the extrovert is someone who you feel special with. I understand that you are afraid of what your parents would say but if she is who you want to be with then you parents should understand and you should be with you want.

  • Go for the girl you can see having your kids.go for the girl you can rely on.go for the nicest one.go for the one u feel comfortable with


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