How to text someone for the first time who you have never met?

So I recently just broke up with my ex a month ago. This past Saturday I was with my cousin at the pool, and she said she had the perfect girl to hook me up with. She showed me a picture and this girl is smoking hott! My cousin works with her, and said she would be perfect for me. So she took a pic of me and sent to this girl. She said she was interested and told my cousin to give me her number. My cousin gave me the number and said I better text her! Now I have been outta the single game for almost a year and a half and need a little help here as this girl is gorgeous and I don't wanna screw it up. How would you all approach this situation? Texting someone you have never met or talked to before in your life. My goal is obv to get her on a date next weekend but don't wanna be too pushy. Opinions are greatly appreciated.


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  • Talk about your cousin as that's the only thing you guys have in common for now.


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  • Text her! Why not right? Take a chance and it might be amazing. Not doing anything will result in nothing. If she ends up not interested life goes on and you move on. Trust your cousin now and just take a chance. Don't be too shy or reserved - women don't tend to like that in their men. My advice on this situation: be a little pushy. The girl knows your cousin is hooking you up so it's pretty safe as well. Go for it! Good luck and hope this helps you out! :)

    • Oh yeah I agree. It's def something that I am gonna do, and I don't have anything to lose. Your advice helped me out thanks buddy much appreciated.

    • I'm glad it helped and your welcome too. :)

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