There's this girl that can't let go, how can I ask her to leave without being mean?

Well she's kinda annoying she's really clingy and always wants to text me five six times a day and I kinda liked her in the beginning but then when I brought her on a date she was really rude, so I called it off later. And I've deleted and blocked her number deleted her off of Facebook but she always seems to either come to my house or talk to me through my friends and I'm just trying to find a nice way to tell her to leave now...


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  • She's a stalker dude. She wants you bad and will do anything to get to you. Your best bet? Cut off all communication with her. Avoid her, pay NO attention to her AT ALL. She'll eventually wean off and get tired of chasing you. If she flat out has told you she wants to be with you, tell her you're not interested. Make it clear. Girls get messed up in the gray areas of a crush or relationship. If you show any inclination of interest or attention, she will open that door and try to get inside your world. Shut it, and shut it fast.


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  • I dont think their is a nice way to ask her to leave. If you already blocked her number and deleted her off Facebook and she is still trying to see you then i think you have to be very blunt with her. Just tell her its not going to work out and ask her to leave you alone. If that doesn't work then i would get a restraining order lol

    • Ok I think the restraining order will be easier

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    • lol i would be scared of her. she sounds crazy

    • Damn hot body weird ass personality