Why do guys talk bad about girls they once talked to?

I was talking to this guy for about 3 months i work with him we were some what friends with benefits (without sex) I've worked with him for over 2 years lastyear he showed intrest & was always shy around me but i never showed intrest this year he showed more intrest he told my bestfriend i was cute then he started to text me off of my bestfriends phone (theyre like brother & sister) & he asked to meet up before work i was hesitant since he had a prego girlfriend. But he said it was just to talk. . So i met up with him before work he gave me a little tour around the buisness we work at & he kissed me 3 times i knew it was wrong because he had a girlfriemd & she was pregnant... Lateron i went back to work he would pass by me & give me huge cheezy smiles wink at me & he asked my bestfriend for my number he texted me everyday & wanted to meet up everyday before & after work. He would say i was his baby & always stare at me we were basically friends with benefits without the sex part he Never mentioned or asked for sex or tried going there but recently he made some moves that felt too sweet that made me start to catch feelings so i backed off a bit i ignored him when he passed by & recently he started to talk crap about me saying i throw myself at guys at work which isn't true the guys just flirt alot.. & he's saying he messed around with me just to hurt me? Why is he all of a sudden talking crap? When he would always text me daily in the mornings before work? And compliment me on everything & always want to kiss me


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  • Some guys are just assholes


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