The guy is manipulating me to ask him out , what should I do?

a guy i know has a crush on me but he is playing hot and cold , he gives me signals like smiling and another moment he is cold and he avoids me , i think he want me to doubt myself , like what did i do to make him react like chase him or ask him whatever this when i`m sure i didn`t do anything !!! but he is always like this , what can i do in terms of kicking his ass:D


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  • Do you like him? Sorry this is a vital question. If you like him then, sit him down and give him some blunt honesty (never hurt anyone). If your not interested then he is wasting his time. Many guys are very shy and are very anxious about making the first move so try to send silly subliminal signals to a lady they like via certain gazes, catches of the voice etc. Also through a bit of anxiety they may act a little cold sometimes to mask how they feel, because guys are almost drilled to be flat and unemotional. You seem to like him, for to me that is the reason that his behaviour could be bothering you that much.

    • i used to like him but he was such an asshole to me , i`m bothered not just because of his behaviour , i has recently encounter a lot with this kind of behaviour from guys , like they took me granted and playing hard to get which is so childish , are all the guys like this?

    • I don't know, I had put down playing hard to get as a female trait. If you do like him, give him an ultimatum, tell him how much you care about him and that you want to be more than friends, tell him you won't wait around or play any silly games and that if he wants you then your there for him. If he wants to play games with you he can forget it. Talk to him alone, open up and if he doesn't want to be constructive, rescind your offer of something more.

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