Any chance he likes me more than a friend?

I'm in college at the moment, and I have a guy friend that I've known for a few months.

We're both single (but I don't know if he likes someone else or anything), but he often pays attention to what I say and remembers details. We get along pretty well.

One night we were studying in the library, and I didn't have any food with me because the cafes were all closed, I came back and he asked me if I bought anything.

I said I didn't because the shops were closed, so he offered me his takeaway dinner to eat; he offered to share it. I felt bad taking his dinner so I said no.

After I said "nah don't worry it's yours", I went back to my desk. He kept rumbling through his backpack to find something and dug out a chocolate bar and walked over and gave me his chocolate bar and said, 'Here eat this then'.

I just thought that was super nice of him haha. Then afterwards he asked if I wanted to go on a fast food run with him at the nearby drive through, I said nah, not hungry, but he insisted. So we went and he offered to pay.

I just think he's really cute but I don't know if he likes me or not! Is it normal for a guy to share his food so willingly? Maybe I'm just overthinking everything haha. But he's cute as!!


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  • This could really go either way at this point. There is a good chance he may be crushing on you too, his actions certainly are more than a friend needs to do. He definitely cares about you either way, if he wanted to share his food and then pay for you. At this point though it is too early to tell, I would give it a little more time and see if he keeps acting this way towards you and possibly even doing more nice things for you.