Do you think dreams give you awnsers?

So since februrary I've had a crush on a guy i dated for about a month, than suddently he tells me he doesn't want anything serious because he doesn't have the time for it now. I honestly understand because he is VERY busy, and he doesn't live in my town, he comes for work, and he traveles a lot and has school on the side so we decided to stay friends, he might move here after summer.

But i miss him, I've never met a guy i connected soo well with and just could let my guards down and be myself 100 % .

He got out of a 6 years long relationship last year, but his ex is with a new guy for one year and is pregnant, so is that playing a role in this?

he told me he liked me and we had soo much fun and he was the one who wanted to date but than suddently didn't want to anymore..

last night i had a dream where a girl told me he has a lot going on and doesn't have the time and he is a bit broken from his ex..
sooo is that a sign?


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  • I think there is a case for dreams being messages from a higher power or your subconscious depending on your theological bend. I think this dream is you speaking to yourself on the issue. But what is important is what you feel that you want. I too have met a girl I can open up to 100%, and you sound similar to myself in that you view that as a very important quality. Like you I am waiting for the summer to pass to do anything about how I feel because I won't see her. So yes perhaps you feel he is emotionally scathed and this is showing through in your dreams, but to be dreaming about him you must have some deep-seated feeling. I think it is impossible to answer deep philosophical questions without qualifying you answer by saying that you don't know the answer. But there is my ramble. I don't have an answer but I thought I would display empathy with your situation.

    • I think its so weird to date someone and suddently back away..makes me feel he didn't like me after all? than why continue dating me (5 dates).. i just felt that he rejected me i guess

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    • maybe ill wait and contact him in summer. his birthday is in July

    • Perfect excuse :)

  • Yes dreams can give you answers especially if you secretly already knew them all along.
    That girl could have been your subconscious telling you what was already obvious to itself.
    My "Dream mind" is certainly smarter and a factor 1000 more creative then i am as it can come up with all kinds of city's, music , books , tv shows , technologies, people , adventures and answers for me to explore in my dreams.

    Now i did have a strange dream once where a girl i am very close with and i really missed that week told me on Skype that she was to busy because her long distance boyfriend came over. Once i woke up and came online one of the first things that happend was that she messaged me the same thing just slightly different. You can make your mind up about that.

    • i once dreamed that a guy i dated was holding hands with a girl,..a few days later him and that exact girl got into a relationship..i was crushed because he had been lying to me..

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