Is the "friendzone" a concept of stupid people?

From experience, every intelligent girl I know prefers to be friends with a guy first, before considering dating them. These women are educated, can hold a conversation, and know where they'll be in the future.

In contrast, women who prefer translate lust at first sight "love at first sight" tend to be unstable, confused, shallow and insecure. Once they friendzone a guy, there's no going back. Even if the poor fellow was going through a tough time when he first met her.


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  • You don't seem to understand what the concept means.

    Your women in the first category might prefer to get to know men before dating them, but many men they would have ruled out nearly immediately.

    The friendzone really refers to men who are trying to lay the groundwork for dating without realizing that she has already ruled that out.

    I also find your comments surprising given your age since being friends before dating is quite unusual post university. It's far more common to get to know people -while- dating once you're working.

    • You're my hero. Mr. K

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    • You're a wise man. How do you meet new people at this age? (I'm 27 by the way).
      Also, if you liked someone at work, how do you ask them out without it becoming an issue?

    • Well, I married someone from university, so this is from observation of people I know:
      -> online
      -> clubs/activities
      -> anywere, shops/lines/etc, strike up a conversation
      -> bars. Less late night 'lets get wasted' bars (though those can work too) more places where people have an after work drink in financial district, then head off.

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  • Personally, I do prefer to be friends with guys before dating. This has actually changed my mind about each individual. There have been guys that I wasn't immediately attracted to, but after getting to know them, my mind was changed. There have also been guys that I would have dated, but realized that would have been pretty stupid and getting to know them beforehand saved me a lot of headache.

  • No. At times a girl is going through a great deal of issues and in that situation almost every man in the enemy but if someone with the intention of being a shoulder to cry on is there to support her as a friend alone. If one is lucky enough, they get to become the life partner of their best friend.

    • That's how it should be, but Mr Niceguy ends up being the doormat for her future probs, and not the guy she would want to lick ice cream off,

  • Smart women want sexual attraction too. And it's not just for our own lust. Men are very sexual creatures-being with a man you are attracted to makes it much easier to form a stable relationship.

  • Friend zone is a zone created by guys whi think girls owe them. That they are being cruel because they won't put out. Stupidity comes in that.


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