Do guys forget about a girl easily over the summer?

There was this guy that I was really close friends with starting Fall semester in college. I had liked him from the start, but always felt friend zoned. But there were instances where it seemed like he reciprocated the feelings, and other people would tell me the same. Spring semester, we ended up getting drunk and as we were sobering up, we kissed. That night we stayed up talking and he told me everything he felt and just talked to me about personal stuff. Things were awkward after that the next few weeks, but they worked up to normal. We ended up kissing another night and that's where things took a turn for the worst. He hung out with his ex the day after, started talking to her more, and then the meet-ups became more frequent. Him and I stopped talking completely and didn't even say bye before leaving for summer. He also unfollowed me on Instagram. Yet, he still keeps updated on my life through Facebook and SnapChat.

My question is that is all of this him pushing me away because he has his girlfriend in his life? Or, will he forget me over the summer.


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  • only if they meant absolutely nothing to them to begin with or during the time they went with each other.

  • Depends on the guy but chances are that he won't :)


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