GIRLS, Do you want a guy like thiss , I have one, But tbh, I don't know if I put him in the friend zone? Should I be lucky?

(He isn't really that cute) Js. BUT,
-Anytime I want him to call, he does.
- texts me 24/7.
-I can tell him everything.
-calls me gorgeous.
- Texts me good morning, and goodnight, even if we haven't talked that day.
-Apologizes in arguments even if it's my fault.
-constantly has conversations
-lives 3 hours away.


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  • if you don't like him (specifically aren't physically attracted to him) you shouldn't be with him

    it's nice that he is so good to you but if you don't truly truly like him the relationship will ultimately end in heartbreak for him at some point down the line.

    you don't know if you put him in the friendzone? well do you guys have a physical relationship?


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  • Looks like the guy doesn't have a life for his own.


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  • He sounds like a great catch and like he is very interested in you. However, if you're not attracted to him I would let him go. It is just leading him on to continue this relationship.