How would you feel if your parents and family didn't like your boyfriend/girlfriend?

So I'm worried but I been with this guy since 2010 back and forth until officially in 2013. His family are hood and dramatic and he has a personality of a business man and he's going to college for law. But there was this girl that he was dating before me just last year for money and she was dramatic and a bunch of bull but they likes her and hates me


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  • frankly I don't care what my family thinks of my partners; I'm a 30 year old adult, I make my decisions not them. If your boyfriend calls himself a man he will likely think the same thing.

    • I mean he does but his family be calling me bad names and saying he's sorry because I don't drink or fight

    • well if you can't tune them out then its best to talk to your boyfriend about not going to his family's house together, and he needs to at least stick up for you.

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