No idea what to do with him. Help?

Here's the deal..I've been seeing this guy for about almost two months now. We out for some drinks this past weekend with his roommates and friends. That night we got asked by two different random people If I was his girlfriend, so i spoke up saying "yeah what am i?" and all my crush said was "uhhhh idk, somewhere in the middle."

After that he was getting hit on by this girl who his friend was hitting on. I was getting a little mad because he didn't do anything to stop her, I don't get jealous easily so I was shocked myself. But it was whatever. We then all left and the girls followed, but then my crush went up behind me and picked me up and squeezed me. He then kissed me and held my hand all the way back to his place.

He knew something was on my mind, so he asked and I asked what we were. He kinda avoided it in a little way, but it didn't help that he was drunk either. I asked him "if I wasn't out with you and a girl asked if you were with someone, what would you say?" All he said was that he doesn't know, I guess I would say I'm seeing someone.

I was little mad because I told him I would say I was seeing someone but he would say idk?

Anyway the next day he woke me up and told me that today was our day and it was gonna be all about me. It was a perfect day. We went out to lunch, then went to the batting cages, and then he brought me to meet his parents! Even after he kinda played it off that he doesn't want me to meet his parents for the past two weeks. I was so happy to meet them though, we went to dinner and it was good.

It's just so hard to tell with him on where this is gonna go? If im more than just I don't know I guess a fuck buddy. I mean we act like bf and gf but we are not. I just don't wanna waste my time with him and getting my heart broken, because I'm falling for him faster than I thought I would.

Any suggestions?


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  • Calm down, take it easy, and let nature take its course.


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  • I say I'm seeing someone when it's not officially declared that I'm the girlfriend. It's only been two months for you two, so maybe he doesn't want to become exclusive yet.

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