How would you get over your best friend not liking you the way you like him?

So I have a friend, he's a guy and we've been really close for around 3 years and as far as I know we both liked each other on/off for at least 2 of them years. I honestly believe that he is the kind of guy I see myself with and for a while it seemed we were going to be together but I messed it up by being too forward and now he tells me about all the other girls he likes. So how do I get over him and deal with seeing him everyday?


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  • I am literally in the exact same position as you know and boy is sucks! But, I've been trying to distance myself a little bit from him. It hurts, a lot.. Because all you want to do is talk to him, but I feel like the only way I will truly get over him is to distance myself a little. Be nice, polite and talk to him.. But no serious, deep talks. And i feel you, my guy friend tells me about girls he thinks are good looking and who he would like to persue a relationship with and it's literally heart wrenching. I don't think you can really deal with it properly.. But seeing as you're in contact everyday, restrain yourself from being overly nice, don't make serious compliments (I do I all the time and it is terrible).. An like I said, no deep talks. Just try and stop thinking about him, it's the hardest thing ever. Good luck, honestly. Hope everything turns out the best for you.


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  • Seems like you gave up too soon. I wouldn't give up on him especially if I could see myself with him. Maybe he's telling you about all those other girls to make you jealous.

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