I was blowing hot and cold and he stood me up.?

i was sending drunk msgs trying to explain i liked him but it freaked me out because it was overwhelming..

he was texting everyday and calling, AFTER one date. it was a little much. i think he's amazing, but i couldnt deal with the pressure.

of course i sent a bunch of texts trying to explain myself.

i'm going to back off now bc i dont want him to think i'm nuts. of course i'm on the rebound...but it doesn't exceuse bad beahvior.

i'm not trying to be a jerk, it looks like game playing but i just well, am sorting my feelings out.

we knew each other a decade ago...but just went on one really intense date.

i did tell him i liked him, i just was overwhelmed. it was pretty much me telling him to slow down.

anyway, so he blew me off. i called twice after sending a text asking what's going. i left one voice mail saying that i just wanted to talk over
over things, whether or not things become anything. ( implying i want things to be cool between us). i waited another day and sent a "where were you? are you ok? its not like you to vanish"

he replied saying a lame excuse then said he was


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  • Dealing with pressure is very tough.And also coming off a rebound is very tough. I think it's good your dating but you have to try and take you time and not rush things.I also think it's good to figure out what you want out of the date.If your just testing the waters then that is good.Just try not to send mix signals when dating guys because that could confuse them and push them away.Everything takes time and patience.

    • But why did he stand me up? Does he still hate me?

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    • there was no giving up. i didn't want to date this person, really. i dumped him, and then it got wierd. i just want people to man up and end it, not go oh let's go on a break. that's sooooo dumb. at least be honest about things. who cares.

    • Sometimes it's notthat simple. Not everybody can man up and just end things. But off course if you date somebody and dump them then things is going to get weird and awkward. Not everybody is honest about things. Some people are and some people ain't. And who cares? I care what happens to people. Especially after a break up.

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  • You probably confused him. That or he's not interested.

    • lol, uh yea, i guess i shouldn't have dumped him and then tried to get him back. he was like you need time and we should take a break... after 3 dates? LOL.

      so i was bored and tried to reel him in. now he's saying he's busy for the next few days but maybe next week.

      i wonder hwo true that is. or is it a total blow off? i have no idea... i'm assuming that people would just say they're busy and leave it at that.

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    • yeah i just sent a message about how i miss talking to him a little. and he just read it and ignored it. whatever. i don't really care. if i did i wouldn't sa that stuff its just giggles...

      he's being weird... and i have no idea why.

    • Yea, just ignore him.

  • That's what happens when you blow hot and cold, a lot of people won't tolerate such games and will either resort to playing their own games or they'll move on.

    • i wasn't playing games. i was confused. that's it.

    • Blowing hot and cold can be construed by certain people as a form of game playing and a lot of people won't tolerate it, they'll simply think "this person isn't interested, I'm off to find someone else who is".

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