Girls if guy tried to date your sister than your best friend what would you think?

say the guy tried to date your older sister for a while but that didn't lead anywhere and then he meet one of your closer gf's and tried to date her as well. what would you think? would this annoy you? would it cause you to be suspious of his true intentions and wonder why kept trying to date people you knew? but also keep in mind this happened in a very small city with a much more limited dating pool than a larger city


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  • I would think... 'idiotic manwhore who has no sense of boundaries'

    Vastly unappealing and irritating.

    • but would you be jealous that he wasn't hitting on you and instead 2 girls that you were close to

    • No. I'm pretty different from my sister and best friend- I can't imagine the same guy wanting all three of us.

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