good title for romance story? please help

Ok so I have NO idea on what I should name my story, so please help!!!

Story description:
Meet Abby - your average nerd.
Meet Blake - a popular jock.
The only thing in common between them is that they both have secrets unknown to the rest of the world.
What happens when these two cross paths? Will they confide in each other or leave each other more broken than ever before?

It's supposed to be a story where Abby and Blake eventually fall in love and all that, but one of them gets diagnosed with a disease which causes him/her to die at the end.

So what should the title be? Please try to make it based on the story.
I appreciate all suggestions<3


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  • Paths Less Traveled.

    Secrets of the Heart

    Magic secrets

    Broken Path.

    Clearing in the heart.

  • Eaten from Within

  • How about "Just Another Cliche Young Adult Love Story"


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