Why doesn't any of my flirting go beyond just that?

I get hit on a lot and it usually leads to flirting. It never goes further into like an actual relationship. Why is that?


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  • Well, you need to try being best friends with the guy while your flirting with the guy
    just using flirtation is not getting you no where also watch flirting all the time
    you might give the guy mixed signals that your looking just for friends with benefits
    you might give the guy the wrong signals in them aspects to really hard to say

    • I understand what you are saying but they initiate the flirtation first and they ask for my number so obviously they are wanting more than a best friend relationship

    • Well, hope something works out for you

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  • next time try some thing called friendship

    • How can you build a friendship when the other person goes mia?

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  • Can't really say, because there is not enough info. It can be anything

    • What type of info would you like?

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    • I agree, i really can't say. sorry

    • It's cool, you tried