What's going on with this girl?

What going on here? Okay first off she is a moderately shy girl but we went on a date three weeks ago, I took her to the park, then bowling, and then to eat before I drove her home. She gave me signs I always look for; laughing, smiling and looking down, looking at me and looking away when I brought my attention back on her, telling me she had a good time etc. So we had a quick little kiss after a date, then the day after she becomes somewhat cold but I still get signs she's attracted when I passed by to help her parents with something. Then this past Saturday she invited me and my little sister to a family party and I see more signs she's still attracted to me, she's looking at me again and smiling...doing the whole thing over again but the whole time since the first date I'll get very little physical touch from her but on the other hand she responds to my touch very well...does her being shy have anything to do with the mixed signals? I never have met and girl who has made me this confused; and I have had enough experience with women to be able to talk to any girl easily. By the way she was also facing me even more. I guess my question is should I go for a second kiss next Saturday as I was invited to another family party? I'm 20 and she is 19 by the way. (She also asked me questions about my ex for some reason out of no where on the first date which I don't understand too much? I didn't really get into it but it was brought up by her.) I have to be honest I really like this girl because she has the best personality and values out of everyone I have met...so any help with my situation would be highly appreciated, thank you :)


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  • I think your over thinking everything too much. Take the next step because she is too shy to do it. She will warm up to you in due time. She is definitely interested

    • Yeah that's how I feel, I guess there's always that one person that does these things to you. Good advice thankyou :)

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  • I think she's shy an also doesn't want to show you that you got her in your hands, and that's why she's expecting you to take the next step and to be the one to touch her. play along, try spending more time with her alone and approach slowly. everything you'll need is to be close enough when your conversation gets silenced and so she'll look at you and you'll feel the sexual tension. then go straight for another kiss.

    • Good advice :) Thankyou.

  • It sounds like she is just shy/nervous, i probably wouldn't go for a second kiss around her friends and family, this could be why she is shy around you in these situations - but i would feel free to ask for a second date where you two are alone and then go for a second kiss :)

    • Sounds good thankyou :) what would you say about a certain time at the family party next week that were alone?

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    • I'm going to assume you mean on the second date? and yes that sounds good, that's alright, it's good that you're motivated and excited :)

    • Thankyou. :) haha

  • I Think she likes you but she's kinda shy give her some space and don't rush things up :)
    good luck

    • Could you explain what you mean by space? I don't really text constantly because I'm busy and I pay attention to her but don't over do it...

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