This girl is so nervous and uncomfortable around me, help?

ok, I have been talking to this 20 yr old girl, for around a week now.
She is a trainee in my office, im 25
She gave me her number around the 2nd day of texting.
We ve been talking on the phone for several hours everyday for a week.
Here is my problem
Over the phone she seems to be really comfortable, talking laughing just like any people would.
But when we're at the office, I can feel her nervousness around me, when she's so comfortable around everybody else.
I am trying to be confidence as much as possible when i approach her, but her nervousness just make me feel nervous as well.
I dont know its whether
I am being too straight forward
moving too fast
or she is just uncomfortable talking to me in front of other coworkers
she is just so comfortable talking to others and not me in the office

Yesterday, we went on our first dinner date.
and she felt stiff , definitely nervous,
but definitely less nervous than in the office

I know this things take time and patience.
And im prolly too aggressive and too fast to ask for the first date. (its been only a week of talking)
but she is going to be studying aboard about 1 month and a half from now.
My time is running out, Thats why i need to move fast.
but i feel i am moving too fast.

i just need some advice on approaching this relationship,
i just want her to be comfortable around me.
sometime when im with her in, her nervousness make me feel like an outsider.

and again i dont understand why she's so comfortable on the phone and not face to face.
because to me, they felt the same.


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  • Maybe she just feels shy around you, some girls are just like that. Try being more friendly towards her, maybe she'll open up.


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