Guys do you like/love girls than move along if its to hard, what changes?

I have known this guy for three years we work together and are good friends. We have both dated people in that time and been single.
There has always been this unspoken thing between us but neither have us have acted on it.
He is shy, and so am I. His friends in the past (6 months ) ago have asked if i liked him [2 friends]
he says he trusts me, and asked me recently if i would go anyone at work.
I said i would go with him because the others are taken or too young or prefer men.
I would say we flirt a lot, we have a lot in common and all his annoying habits everyone hates i love about him.
He talks up my family a lot, and sends me picture messages almost daily.
Thing is i feel in the last month he has backed off with a lot of this stuff (Except for us going out for drinks together and dinner [his suggestion tho last minute] ) and asking me about who i would have sex with at work.

he has pet names for me.

i feel my interest in him now is blocking my judgement


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  • I'd say his into, but maybe you're just his emotional comfort, like his only like that with you as he didn't find anyone better so far, his keeping you close till he finds someone else. But don't take my word for it maybe he really is just a wuss and can't tell you his feelings.


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  • I think he likes you, but is too much of a wuss to make a move.

    That, or he doesn't date coworkers. I have that policy on paper, although in all likelihood I'd cave.

    • he leaves in February the job. i have thought that, but another couple at our work kept one in secret. and we are both managers on the same level

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    • true though we have only both been single for 1 year, and i was overseas for 6 months

    • Lmao most guys would make a move in three weeks.

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