Is This possible to fall in love with?

To fall in love with a girl that loves you but you don't really like her that way, just asking because my girlfriend loves me and i don't feel the same way , don't know what to do,, i started loving my ex again :(


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  • You should just tell your gf the honey truth even if it really hurt her. Don't keep her along the ride thinking that you love her back. Because That's the worst thinhbu can do to a girls feelings is to lead them on. No matter hoe hard it is Tell her the TRUTH.! .

  • OK so let me get this straight..
    You don't love your girlfriend.
    You love your EX girlfriend
    ... and you don't know what to do?
    It's simple, STOP LYING TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND BREAK UP WITH HER? If you cared for her at all you would be honest and tell her you don't love her and you love someone else. Stop being selfish. Break up with your girlfriend so she can find a man who honestly loves her and doesn't pretend to while still loving his EX. Also tell your EX how you feel about her.

    • Agreed on this one you should be more honest, and let your current girlfriend know how you feel about her. Cuz the longer you keep this up, the more you will her the girl.

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