Why doesn't my boyfriend text me back?

my boyfriend won't text me for days at a time its been more than a week sense I've talked to him wtf?


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  • well there's a lot of possibilities... hopefully nothing bad happened, or maybe his phone is broken, or who knows ..try other methods of reaching him. It's weird someone would just stop talking out of nowhere. what was your last conversation with him?

    • Something about a lacrosse game I was at then he said"ur mine and only mine I'm never leting you go" then I text him the next day adn no reply

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  • Well that's pretty cruel of him.. I'm pretty sure you attempted calling him as well? If not, do so.

    • Last time I called him he kinda got in truble at work so I don't know wen to call him and he's not a talking on the phone kinda guy

    • Well, you don't have to have him talk on the phone for very long, just ask him straight up if everything is still solid with your relationship.

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  • I don't want to sound mean but are you too really together? Or were you just dating kinda thing. In my opinion that is a bad sign. Maybe he is with someone else, maybe he is busy but too busy for you? A quick hello miss you doesn't take but 20 seconds. So you mean you text him and he doesn't respond? Hell No he is cheating or trying to avoid you, but ask him what is up?

    • Like we are boyfriend girls frend he says sh*t like ur mine and only mine I don't know gah

    • What so you never had the talk that you too were together?? Just because a guy says that doesn't mean anything unless I'm reading your comment wrong.

    • Srry we boyfrend girlfrend in a relationship

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