Does the label come before intimacy or does it come after?

I'm confused how it works. Does someone become your boyfriend/girlfriend AFTER they get close enough to you and you're already in the next stage of intimacy? Or do you only move to the next stage of intimacy AFTER you two become boyfriend/girlfriend?

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  • It depends. Thats between you & the girl to talk over & decide which route you guys are gonna do. Some girls have a "no sex" before relationship policy while some dont. Sex doesn't equal relationship. Its okay if u decide to be exclusive before sex because you guys feel a strong chemistry or bond or whatever. Some want to get a sample before they go exclusive. It all depend on the individual.

    • Good answer. It's all about negotiating with you and your partner to find a sweet spot, no pun intended.

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  • In this circumstance I'm just going to say that sex and intimacy are not the same thing. So with that in mind, more often than not the label will come before intimacy.

    • Interesting. Actually I meant intimacy as close physical and emotional contact with or without sex, but your answer is valid too. Labels is a security.

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