Should gf also initiate texting?

My bf hasn't texted me today... He always text me in the morning but he hasn't today. I am usually the one who is all over him but I didn't want to be too much so I have been avoiding to initiate our text everyday... He usually texts me first in the morning and we kinda chat all day long until we get off work and finally he calls...

Should I text him? Or just wait?

We have been dating only for 3 months...

I usually show more affection than he does and him initiating the daily text has been his I didn't want to break the routine...:(


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  • Just today? Text him today instead then, say that you missed him, and what's wrong.

    If that happens a couple more times then there is a problem. Either he's playing the game or he's growing out of the habit of texting daily.

    To be honest I dont think texting daily is sustainable anyway. I tried it with a girl once (not a wakeup call but more of a reminder for something) and it got real lame (read mundane, boring, routine, meaningless) fast. I'd rather text something more interesting only when it happens, and not as a silly obligation. That's just me though haha.

    • That is very true that daily text is not sustainable. However when he started dating with me he told me that he likes to communicate...

      Ummm, since I am usually all over him and very affectionate I can wait this time?

    • Haha. Guys usually say one thing then slowly live to regret it.

      Yups you can and should wait it out today if you wish. It's only today and pretty much a one-off occurrence. If he resumes tomorrow you can tease him about today's missing text lol.

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  • of course. if we can't get to you, its because we're busy, but we love it when you text us first. it lets us know you're thinking about us and that makes us feel great. even if it's just a "hi". youve no idea how great it feels when i get a text from a girl

  • Its usually nice to see the girl put in some effort to initiate. So yeah swing him a text.

    • The thing is... I always make effort :(

  • Just text him it'll drive u insane if u dont


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  • Texting isn't such a big deal. If you want to text him, then go for it.

  • Yeah. I'm sure he wants to feel wanted (:

    • I think he has been feeling he is wanted lol I am always all over him.

    • Lol. Then you have nothing to worry about. But if you still think it's a big deal. Just ask him why he hasn't been texting lately