Why has he started to play games?

So about a month ago I was introduced to this guy and we hung out but texted a lot due to our work commitments. The other night i stayed over but we did not sleep together and i was very clear it was not happening this time. We still played around but later he was saying that he had pushed me too far and annoyed me. It sort of pissed me off and I had to explain that I liked him what we were doing was fine..

Anyway we have been texting and snapchatting away but I can't help but feel he's not as vibrant anymore and to be honest its turned into a bit of a chore for me to text back anything other then "i know" or "yeah"...

Its very much like he is starting to play games so that I stay interested etc.

I like him I do but if we continue it can't go much further because at the moment he is not the sort of person that I could introduce to my parents, he also spends his time off work drinking or getting stoned etc...

So I'm quite confused and I need advice!


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  • It could be maybe that y'all text and snap chat to much and that could get boring sometimes. he's probly to busy thinking about what to say to keep you interested instead of being hiself. This may be the reason why he seems like he's playing a game to you. Take a break from texting give eachother a chance to miss eachother. Dont text back right away. And yea you dont want to bring a guy like that around your parents. I mean drinking is ok like every blue moon but not if its a constant thing. Good luckb


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