I work with him, live communally with him and drunkenly kissed him. Can I find an excuse to go talk to him?

I drunkenly hooked up with someone I live communally with and work with. We have kissed before, but not for 2 years. I sometimes feel he's giving me pretty good signals, but I can't be sure.

I felt like we had so much fun, but I was so drunk and so was he, he doesn't want our flatmates to know which is fine, but does this mean he wishes it didn't happen?

He is also religious. Do I want him because I really shouldn't?

Also, if I should just go for it, what excuse can I find to go talk to him, or kiss him again because I am impatient!!


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  • Well it's true for many that we want what we cannot have. However if you're serious about this guy, you'll have to pluck up some courage and find a way to confront him. So go into his room when your other flatmates aren't around, or find a way to kiss him again. Good luck!


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