Does it sound like he still wants to be with me?

So about a week ago my bf was all sweet and loving. During sex he would ask what way I liked better which he had never asked that before. Then he would say I love you during sex which he only says that sometimes not sure why it's not all the time. But anyways this week he hasn't been as loving or wanting to cuddle as much. We recently just talked about marriage which it has been brought up before. But he told me it will happen within 5 years. I asked why he is being this way as in loving one week and next it's like he is distant. He said he's not. He has been this way off and on since we been dating and i don't understand how you can be loving one day and the next a jerk. Also when he brought up the marriage thing I asked when he realized he wanted to be with me forever and he said I don't know then first he said 6 months ago and then he said 3 months ago. Then he said when I started to trust him. Could that be true? He use to get mad when I wouldn't trust him.
Does it sound like he really wants to be with me? And why is he like this?

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  • It is the familiar behavior of what today's toms are: Sporadic, unpredictable, and grow cold duck feet when they Don't want to be in a Committed relationship. Your live-in love is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    He's unsure at times, and this is why he is 'distant.' He may be fine today, all hunky dory, but tomorrow he will flap his wings and the relationship sounds like it Could go south. He's unsure, so he is making You the same way in feeling as you do now.
    Have a serious soul mate speech with him as soon as possible. He may want to tell you things, and is 'scared' to, for fear he will hurt you. I believe he loves you, but I also believe, like a bird, he may want some space and time and a little freedom to fly.
    Good luck.xx

    • I have asked him plenty of times if he means it and if he wants to be with me. He tells me yes he does and he wants to be with me forever. I'm just confused :/

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    • His brother is the same way and same with his dad. Can this run in the family?

    • Yes, for they probably alll put their heads together and think the same, so think it's okay...

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  • He sounds like a girl...he's being retarded.

  • Yeah it doesn't sound like you guys are ready for marriage. If anything, his commitment to you right now seems very low. The phases he has where is all over you could be him trying to convince himself he's crazy for you when he's really not. :/ Sorry.

    • If their not crazy for you why would they try making them self be? Also he finishes in me every time we have sex. Sorry tmi. But he ssid he wouldn't do that if he didn't mean what he said

  • He's not ready for marriage or even any kind of long term official commitment. You're young you might consider moving on now..

    There is no waffling on this subject. People are either in 100% or they just aren't ready

    • Well when I ask him if he wants to take a break to fig things out he always says no n when I ask how long he wants to be with me he says forever. So idk...

    • he also knows leaving you will mean giving up the sex.. I hate to sound so cynical but that is likely what going on here. It's definitely not a situation that makes me think marriage would be a good idea.

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  • He isn't behaving like a man who is head over heels and wants to be with you. Sorry

    • I should of thrown in there that we live together and every time we have sex he finishes in me. Sorry tmi ha

    • He sounds like he takes you for granted. I hope you don't get preggo