Name 3 things you love and 3 things you hate about girls/guys?

Lol this should be fun.

3 things I love about girls:
1. sometimes their laughs are funny lol
2. their bodies (I'm not a guy if I don't say that one lol)
3. that feelings they give me when she is cute and fun to hang out with

3 Things I hate:
1. Girls are so confusing
2. When girls can't make their mind
3. When girls expect us to read their minds


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  • Three things I love in men:
    1. When they are modest yet confident.
    2. When they have a dry sense of humor.
    3. When they care little about gender roles.

    Three things I hate in men:
    1. When they are cocky showoffs.
    2. When they take someone less seriously merely for the fact of them being female.
    3. When they are slut-shamers.


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  • Love:
    1. Sense of humour, guys tend to on the whole have a satirical flare when it comes to funnies.
    2. Their non-overthinking, laid back attitude to life.
    3. Feeling how much stronger they are when you're cuddling them.

    1. I don't like sexist jokes, even if it's meant to be lighthearted. Shows a level of direspect regardless.
    2. The way a lot of men objectify the female figure.
    3. Bailing when the going gets tough (experience from every single relationship I've had lol)

  • 1. Sense of entitlement/douchebaggery
    2. Tendency to just... turn off and disappear
    3. Idiocy/general stupidity and boarishness

    I can't think of anything I like. Y'all suck. :)

    • Lmao I love how you totally ignored the "things you love about guys" part lol

    • I couldn't THINK of anything... I didn't want to just LIE! :D

  • Love :
    -How protective they are about the people they love. I find it a little annoying when my brother or dad constantly check up on me but its very sweet.

    - Their bodies, I love it.

    -How they can easily make me smile and forget about the stupid little things I worry about.

    Hate :
    - Don't like talking about their feelings. I'm very open about my feelings and I don't like how hard it is for some men to express their feelings.

    - Their overconfidence. We get it you're hot but flexing your muscles every few minutes annoys the shit out of me.

    - How some men think every girl is only interested for money or looks. Hate this one the most.

    • I get the protective thing but what about if a guy is jealous? I get jealous sometimes but I'm not that guy that shows that he's jealous by starting shit with the other guy or being mean to the girl or anything. I just kind of hide my jealousy and if its really bothering me I'll probably say something like "Well you should go hang out with that other guy" and then laugh or smile or something so its not awkward lol.

    • There's nothing to be jealous about from me. I'm very loyal and I've never even had a boyfriend and I barely have guy friends.

  • Things I like about guys-
    1. Nicely toned lean body.
    2. When they get possessive.
    3. When they open up to you and be nice to you

    Don't like-
    1. Being over possessive
    2. Their behaviour change when they are with their guy friends
    3. They should be more faithful

  • Like:
    1. A guy's tone body
    2. When they are protective
    3. If he is super loving

    1. If they are impatient
    2. If he gets super angry/bad temper
    3. When confidence turns into cockiness

    • This motivates me even more to lose all my fat and get a hard muscular body lol

    • Haha well it's good that you're motivated and not upset! :)

  • Likes
    1. Their hard bodies
    2. Their scent

    1. Not that fun to talk to.
    2. Rewards instead of connection driven.
    3. Huge egos


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