Never been kissed

If you met a girl in college you started to like and then found out she still hadn't had a first kiss would you be turned off at all? Also is it better to tell the guy straight up this or just never bring it up and avoid the subject since it's really not that big a deal to begin with.


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  • It seems like a big deal to you since I get the feeling you want to tell him, your just worried it'll turn him off. I'd bring it up. Most guys won't mind, in fact they'll probably find it cute like the guy below.

  • I'd find it cute. :)

    • ^^^^ Best answer ^^^^

      And telling him would be the best way. Cause then you can mess with him and say, "Yeah, I've never had a kiss, cause someone's too much of a p**** to make the first move."

      He is the puppet and you are the puppet master. You pull the strings. Trust me they like to be bossed around. *tehe*

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