Should I text her again after so long?

Hey everyone, A while ago I got to know this girl from school, she gave me her number and we talked for about a year. I said I liked her and she said She liked me but at the time I was too shy/stupid to do anything about it, because of this she got impatient and stopped talking to me. Its been about a year since this time and we still see each other quite often. We are in a different school (same one though) but we'll say hi to each other if we pass by. I still like her but I'm not sure if she has moved on since then (she most likely has)

I found her number when I was resetting my phone to sell it and thought about texting her. we don't really get a chance to talk in school as most people only go in for the lessons but I thought if I reached out it would at least give us a reason to talk to each other. I can't get over her for some reason and I've tried very hard to, this is the last year before everyone goes to university or gets a job so I kinda feel its my last chance to do anything about it.

I was thinking of things to say in the text and thought either saying: "found this number on my phone, just wanted to know if its anyone important" or saying "hey, found your number on my old phone, haven't talked in a while" would be ok to say

any help appreciated :)

on a side note, I lost her number near roundabout when she stopped talking to me so she could have reached out and I would have never known.

should I do this or would it be weird (we do see each other still so its not like we are strangers)


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  • I would just give her text. You have nothing to lose, go for it. I wouldn't find it weird at all, especially if you were pretty close before. If she values you as a person I imagine she'll be happy about catching up. You just got to think about the fact that maybe she's been feeling the same way about you. It's hard to take a plunge after drifting apart. But if you don't make that move then you will never find out if there is anything there right? Good luck! :)


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  • I would just text her and say hey haven't really talked in a while. I see you in school and have been wondering how you are. Don't text the are you important thing. That u necessarily hurts feelings because she will think you forgot. After a few texts IF she texts you back ask her out. And when you go out further explain how you haven't been able to forget what could have been. But you need to get over the shy thing and go for it because you likely won't get a third chance.

    • the problem now isn't that I can't talk to her its that I never get a chance :D
      I'm more confident than I was then for sure so that *hopefully* shouldn't be a issue.
      Problem is she may have changed numbers or something and I would assume she ignored me when she just didn't get a message, maybe I'm over thinking it though

    • Then just stop and talk to her in school. Probably better that way anyways. Stop her and say hello and tell her you would love to really talk and catch up sometime and give her your number. Don't have it written down already. That looks too preplanned.

  • Reach out And get in touch. I would go with your second option. She'll most likely ignore the first one


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