Would you consider this verbally abusive?

Ok, so my last girlfriend was not the best to me.
When I entered the relationship we were both depressed (first mistake). Slowly she started criticizing me more and more to the point where she would always be disappointed or angry. I loved that girl even then. Although it was strange she actually praised me when we were being sexual. I kind of craved those complements because usually I don't get those from women. She even said that she was going to sleep around while dating me. I believe both of these things were to get me to fool around more often. Because of this our relationship went so quickly. (3 months and we almost fucked). And then, when I wouldn't sleep with her it ended up breaking off. I personally believe she was using me for sex.

Was she using me? I believe yes
Did she love me? I believe some feelings were there.
Is this considered verbally abusive? I'm not sure

  • yes, she was using you and verbally abusing you
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  • no, you didn't try hard enough in the relationship
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  • It sounds like she had problems and she took out the anger/frustration on you. I have dealt with people like that myself and they usually act that way due to their own discontent and unhappiness. When your dealing with someone like that, you may end up facing verbal/emotional abuse as well so it would not come as surprising if she started verbally abusing you (this is how the process starts.) In all honesty, you don’t know for sure if she was using you for sex or not, but one thing that’s for sure is that she did have problems and she was abusive towards you as a result of her own unhappiness.


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