Why do guys do the whole ask for your phone number you give it to them and then they dont bloody call?

OK, so I met this guy at a social event on Saturday. We talked for 2 hours had a wonderful time and at the end he asked me for my phone number. Then he was nice enough to accompany to my car cause where I live its not the safest city in the world. I thought he liked me and was into me. Just want to ask you guys... how long should I wait and what is the normal waiting time.

I dont have his phone number so calling him is out of the question.

Thank you.


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  • His nerves got the better of him.
    Changed his mind when sober.
    He met someone else.
    Back in contact with an ex or crush.
    He was never interested and just wanted an ego boost.
    Whoever typed the number in made a mistake.

    There are probably more possibilities. This isn't one way though, about 80% of the numbers I get from girls go nowhere. Either the number is fake/incorrect, they don't reply, they don't want to meet, they agree to meet then cancel or they stand me up.

    My suggestion to you for the future would be to call yourself off his phone when you put the number in, since then you can contact them if they don't contact you for whatever reason.

  • Most of the time, I got nothing to say. I'll call/text to set up a meeting at best and leave it at that, I'd rather be talking in person

  • I used to do it all the time. Bad I know. Mostly looking for an ego boost.

    • How long do you have to wait to know its real or an ego boost?

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    • So what you are saying is that you are good looking? What made you a changed man?

    • Not sure if I was good looking but was able to get lots of numbers ;). Well for one thing in married!

  • I've done that once and that's because I thought the girl was too good for me, so didn't bother pursuing it further.

    • Well he has a Masters, is a professor in civil engineering and has his own business. I have studied in college and play profesional golf for a living. So in that regard no. I am pretty he is above average. Im funny and goofy, he is serious and intelligent. Maybe Im too stupid and goofy.

    • May be it has nothing to do with you? May be he'll phone tomorrow.

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  • Some guys just want he ego boost. Was there alcohol involved?

    • Nope no alcohol. Actually a bit. We both had 1 beer.

    • He should've called by now. The longest to wait is a day or two more, but don't get hung up on it, sweetheart.

  • It's been answered - ego boost.