Is chatting to other consider cheating?

My bf and I have been together for 2 yrs. I'm a flirt. I get bored pretty quickly. I just moved in with him and since then he spends more time with his dad instead of me. I chat to quite a few people (guys and girls). We chat about all kinds of, sex, hobbies, life. My bf thinks I'm "cheating", what do you guys think?


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  • How can your bf expect you not to chat with other guys. It's ok. Although if you are hitting on them and flirting with them pretty hard then I can see why he gets upset


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  • Well...Yes and No...only you know for sure...Guys physically cheat...women emotionally cheat...Does he turn you on? Have you to had phone sex...I seen your pic and cam see why he wonders...your very pretty..If it makes him uncomfortable then STOP..if you love him...if you don't break it off only gets worse.


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  • Do you confide in other guys, emotionally?

    • Sry I hit the wrong button but no I do not confide in others

    • Then, I wouldn't consider it cheating. There are different types of cheating, such as emotionally, physically, virtually, and flirting. As long as you're not doing any of those, it's not cheating.