What are some reasons why a guy asks about your past experiences?

I was dating this guy and this topic came up; if I've been in a serious relationship, how many people I've kissed, etc. What's the point?


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  • What? Because it's normal to ask. Everybody asks. We want to know.


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  • I would ask cuz i only get wif virgins. If ur not a virgin, end of relationship but still best friends as always. Our fate aren't meant to be together.


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  • The point is to find out more information about you. If a guy ask you about your past, its because he want to go serious with you, and find out if your worth.

    • True. If she's a ho I'll be more ready to pass her up.

    • but it can always be insecurity. I find that to be the ultimate reason. Guys end up comparing themselves and get all depressed what they ask the penis question, "how big was your ex's" then they find out you were dating a horse lol