Does he want a relationship in the future or is he stringing me along?

A guy I've been seeing for 9 months is going on holiday and said he may be going for the whole summer depending on his situation. Weve mentioned about the future and having a possible relationship once I've moved back home after my studies but after a phone call today he said he doesn't want a relationship right now and he said he may be too "busy" with work commitments and finding a house so doesn't want anything serious now but is happy to keep seeing me as before. To me I think he's slowly letting me down and saying he doesn't want to see me anymore. It also seems convenient that he is going on holiday for a week or so (maybe more if he works abroad for the summer) so might be able to have "fun". After numerous attempts to asking whether he wasn't interested in still seeeing he kept saying he was but just not in a relationship right now. what does this mean? he also said he would contact me on holiday ( whether he actually will i don't know lol)


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  • you've been seeing him for 9 months. in that time, a woman can conceive, go through all stages of pregnancy, give birth, bring the bundle of joy home from the hospital and you're not even this guy's gf yet. you are most definitely being strung along without a shadow of a doubt. if he wanted to date you then it would have come up by now. you'd already be his gf. he's using excuses to keep u around for your "dates" but he don't really want you like that

    • I've seen him probably twice each month though because I've been away at university so its been difficult sometimes to come back home and see him. So technically I feel like I've known him for about 4 months lol I just don't understand why he would say things which would make me think he wants a future then say other stuff which makes me question it?

    • sending mixed signals keeps you off balance and hoping for more...typical manipulative move that people do when theyre playing you for a purpose.

      if you're not getting what you want then take a stand. you're either going to become his gf or stop dating him. you have to set boundaries and take stands on whats important to you or else you get in situations like that. its not fun

    • Thanks for your advice, I guess your right, I just hope that if I do take a stand and focus on myself he may want to commit further in the future because i do really like him but again I dont want to become dependent on him, its just crappy when your emotions get in the way