Will he want a commitment when he starts missing me?

We met a few years ago and he wanted to be friends with me so he asked for my email, we emailed for months, then he asked for my number and we started texting. I only liked him as a friend at the time but then I started to have feelings for him, and then I became really attracted to him and now like him a lot. He always complimented me and made me feel good about myself, always showed how much he cared about me. We got to talking every single day until we fall asleep and he texts me first thing when he wakes up. We hung out at least once a week.

When we hang out he always texts me afterwards to tell me how hot I looked, and one time he told me that I really turned him on. After he told me that I asked him if he would date me and he said that he only sees me as a friend. That made me really sad so I tried to distance myself from him but then he became very clingy. A few weeks ago I told him that I can't be friends with him anymore because he's holding me back from dating other guys and he keeps leading on by saying things like "I can't wait to introduce you to my friends when we date". When he would say things like that it got my hopes up but then I thought he's just saying that to keep me around.

So I ended our friendship because I need to get over him. He called me last week but I didn't call him back, then he texted me to ask me a question and I responded to his question but I kept my message really short so that he knew not to text me back, but then afterward he blocked and deleted me from Facebook and Instagram. Is he really over me now? Why does he care if he never had feelings for me?

GIRLS - if you've been in this situation I'd love to know how it worked out for you...

GUYS - have you ever acted like this with a girl before?


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  • I don't think I would do that (I haven't so far). Telling a woman how hot she looked is a pretty clear sign of attraction, so unless the man in question is socially inept and not aware of what implications those words carry, he probably has some feelings for you. Maybe he thinks now that it's best if he moves on and cuts ties. I can't really tell you anything useful if it isn't possible to contact him anymore, but I'm pretty sure at at least one point he was attracted to you. That doesn't really do much help though.

    Unless you were chronically pestering him on Facebook/Instagram, he blocked you either because he will be troubled by continually wanting to check on you (and so he cuts off his ability to see you) or he wanted you to notice that he did it (thus reciprocating your ending of the text communications).


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